About Greatest Amore Enterprise

General Manager

The company was founded by the young entrepreneur Mr. James Aramburo. James or “Amboy” was working in a BPO as a call center agent for 7 years when he decided to be his own boss. In October 10, 2013, together with his wife Janice, Greatest Amore Enterprise, was registered as sole proprietorship and was launched into service.

James’ mother was the inspiration behind the name, “Amore”, meaning love and is amplified by the word “Greatest”. The name serves as an everyday reminder of the company’s mantra: to be great and to produce – to be able to cater the needs of its clients. Being a dedicated Christian, James is humbled by starting small and striving to be big.        

Greatest Amore Enterprise comes from the handicraft tradition of the Aramburo’s. For more than 3 decades now, the Aramburo’s are producing quality awarding needs. This provided Greatest Amore the mastery in training the required skills; of choosing the right materials; and of putting up the necessary organization to produce a project.

Through its dedication in producing quality products and services and its commitment to satisfy the demand of its clients, Greatest Amore Enterprise aims to continually diversify its products and services so as to offer other company and institutional needs.  To date, the company offers advertising implements (such as glass board) to other office furniture (such as lectern or “podium” and company seal). Below are the list of products and services that Greatest Amore Enterprise provides.



1.    Awarding Needs


2.    Office & Households Needs

3.    Advertising Needs



The best assets of the company are its people and craftsmanship. These assets are further maximized by team effort that is focused on a project. With only a significant number of workers and by empowering them with decision making, productivity is achieved. The function of the manager is therefore lessened and so the manager can focus on other elements of production to finish the project right on time. Above all else, quality and delivering the product right on time is the prime objective of the overall team effort. Through this, client satisfaction is guaranteed.      

 Sipag at tiyaga, hard work and honor, serve as the credo for Greatest Amore Enterprise. These developed into public trust which, in return, produces referrals for new clients. With a vision of greater expansion, Greatest Amore aims to be a player in the international market.    


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