Products: Office & House Holds Needs

Glass Board

Glass boards (installation included). Size are customized fiited to the need of your board room or class room etc.
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Door & Tables Signs

Long lasting engraved Brass
plate with prints.
Matte or satin finish.
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Drop Boxes

We have drop boxes of various types that suites your corporate activities such as raffles and fund raising and more.
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Classy podium made of wood, glass, stainless steel and acrylic that suits the theme of your function room. It is also fitted with company logo laminated in polished acrylic.
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Long lasting engraved Brass
plate with prints or laminated print in well polished acrylic sheet.

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Cutout Letters

Made of stailess steel sheet with finely cut edges and polished finished. Sides can be finely welded with strip of stainless sheet to show or improve volume.

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More Office and Household Needs

Glass Board | Rolling Glass Boad | White Board | Magnetic Glass board | Bulletin Board
Cork Board | Metal Engravings | Markers | Podiums | Door / Table Signs | Cutout Letters/Metal Signage
Drop boxes and holders | Acrylic Laminated Prints | Acrylic Insert Frame |
Metal Badges | Metal Works | Pins and Name Plates | Paperweight | Tags | Souvenirs/Giveaways

Awarding Needs

Championship belts, Medals
Metal Engravings, Trophies, Plaques...

Office & Households Needs

Glass board, White Board, Magnetic Glassboard, Bulletin Board ...

Advertising Needs

Signs, Tarpaulins prints,
Sintra board prints, Stickers...